‘War of Heroes’ is a new strategy simulation mobile game built for players of all ages. Explore the dark ages of fantasy medieval era, and join forces with legendary heroes from ancient civilizations to conquer the realm!

Search and recruit allies (and Gods) from Norse and Roman mythology, team up with honorable warriors from written history, and devise strategic plans with legendary leaders! Enjoy a strategy simulation mobile game like no others in War of Heroes!

  • Meet legendary Heroes from famous mythology and the real Leader from world’s history
  • Challenge your commander’s abilities on many battlefield
  • Each Heroes has own unique Skill. Form your dream team from various combination
  • Upgrade, Enchant and Evolve your Heroes with choices.
  • Fast pace game play. Point and command war with your tip of finger
  • iOS: iPhone 5s, iPad pro (2015) or higher
  • Android: Dual core 1.4 Ghz, Ram 1 GB or higher
  • Recommend a Smartphone released in 2014 or newer
  • With “Arcane Summoning” you got a chance to obtain Mythic hero.
  • Collect “Hero shard” for 50/50 to summon Mythic hero.
  • Collect “Wild Elixir”, each Hero need different amount of “Wild Elixir” to summon Mythic hero. PS.Some Hero are not possible to summon by Wild Elixir.
  • Release Epic or Mythic hero will grant you an amount of Wild Elixir
  • Daily reward for “Noble title” rank
  • Buy from “Guild shop”
  • All Resources are basically reward from any Stage in “Story Mode”.
  • Can get from “Raid” and “Coliseum” or from “Spiraling tower of time”.
  • Exchange for it with “Battle token” in “Coliseum”.